NFT Discord Moderator Checklist (45+) | Learn to Become a Mod

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Not sure how to become an effective discord mod? Knowing exactly what tasks move the needle, helps you make an impact for a better community experience.

Our nft discord moderator to-do list gives you clarity on tasks to do daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

  • 45+ Tasks: For optimizing your time and performing your job responsibilities easily.
  • Printable: Best format to use every day and make sure you get everything done on time.

It costs less than a coffee giving you everything you need to succeed during the day-to-day operations of being a mod. A small investment towards your future career.


  1. Soon-to-be Moderators: If you are looking to start a career in web 3.0 or become a community manager, this to-do list will get you started.
  2. Existing Moderators: If you've been a mod before and looking to level up, this to-do list will help you take the next step to becoming a better moderator.
  3. Owners Hiring Moderators: If you plan to hire an NFT discord mod, use this to-do list to formulate a job description and use our Discord Mod Application template for the job listing.

Still interest? Grab this checklist and get started today!


Our Discord Mod Application Template is included, which gives you the exact hiring questions you need to know.


  • Checklist (1 Digital PDF )
  • Mod Application Template (1 Digital PDF)

Learn the exact tasks professional moderators perform and get straight to taking action.


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Grab our NFT Discord Moderator Checklist with 45+ Tasks!

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NFT Discord Moderator Checklist (45+) | Learn to Become a Mod

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